Delta-9 House is Closed

Lori Duckworth & Russ Belville are sad to announce the closing of their pioneering 420-friendly bed & breakfast – Delta-9 House in Southeast Portland.

As Delta-9 Partners, Lori & Russ have been privileged to host guests from all across the United States and from around the world. For over two-and-a-half years, they opened up the concept of “420-friendly” in the Portland Airbnb market. From there, they expanded our listings to many worldwide booking platforms. Now, there are many such listings to choose from all over the eleven states that have legalized marijuana.

Lori & Russ are continuing to operate four 420-friendly rental cabins in the eastern Oregon mountain town of Sumpter – visit to book your stay. While you’re there, visit The Coughie Pot, the marijuana shop Lori & Russ co-own.

Lori & Russ are now focusing their attention on Russ’s home state of Idaho. Russ’s father John is the Chief Petitioner for the Idaho Medical Marijuana Act. Lori & Russ are active with the Idaho Cannabis Coalition in support of the petition drive. They are also co-owners of Boise Hemp World, a new hemp and CBD store that serves as volunteer headquarters for the act.


Lori Duckworth – “Momma Duck”

Lori Duckworth
Lori Duckworth

Lori Duckworth is a native of Indiana, but a legend in the Oregon marijuana movement. Few people in the state have helped more medical marijuana patients with access to their medicine, protection from prosecution, and securing their constitutional rights than our “Momma Duck.”

Lori was the Executive Director of Southern Oregon NORML down in Medford, in “the crown of the Emerald Triangle,” otherwise known as the fertile cannabis growing lands of Southern Oregon. She ran the organization for years as a place for cannabis consumers to socialize and organize, frequently traveling to Salem to lobby for reforms to our state marijuana laws.

Lori also established safe access to medicine for patients who, at the time, had no retail outlets at which to purchase their cannabis. As the volunteer caregiver system left many patients falling through the cracks, unable to maintain a steady supply of marijuana, Lori organized a de facto dispensary system in Medford.

When the county sheriff decided he would no longer issue concealed weapons permits to medical marijuana cardholders, Lori was a party to one of the lawsuits against him, one of which rose all the way to the Oregon Supreme Court, which ruled against the sheriff.

That bravery may have contributed to law enforcement selecting Southern Oregon NORML in the south, along with 45th Parallel in the east and The Human Collective in the north, as the subjects of Operation Storefront, a set of raids against some of the best-run medical marijuana dispensaries in the state, just ten days before the governor signed the 2013 law that made their operations legal.

Lori was charged with 29 felonies and spent eight days in jail before bailing out. In a plea agreement, she was convicted of just one of the felonies, which was a charge of providing excess medical marijuana to patients for no consideration, something that had never been subject of anyone’s prosecution before. Lori lost her firearms, her right to travel internationally, and much more, all for helping people with pain and illness grow and consume cannabis.

When Oregon legalized marijuana in 2014, it provided to a procedure for expungement of marijuana crimes that were no longer crimes. In 2017, after four years, Lori’s lone felony was expunged and all her rights were restored.

Lori has had a hand in changing over a half-dozen laws concerning cannabis in Oregon. She also served on the board of Compassionate Oregon, the state’s leading non-profit organization advocating for medical marijuana patients and their program. She is a mother of four and grandmother of three.

Russ Belville – “Radical Russ”

Russ Belville
Russ Belville

Russ Belville is a “red-state refugee” from Idaho who has been a part of Oregon’s marijuana movement since 2005, when he joined Oregon NORML in Portland.

“Radical Russ,” as he is known online and on air, rose to Associate Director of the state’s marijuana reform chapter. He was co-host of the chapter’s Oregon NORML Presents TV program and helped organize dozens of open meetings for medical marijuana patients to acquire seedlings and medicine for free.

In 2006, Russ began his radio career by winning a nationwide contest, the Search for the Next Great Progressive Talk Radio Star. From that contest he landed a progressive talk radio show that aired on XM Satellite Radio and AM 620 KPOJ for two years.

Russ joined the staff of the NORML headquarters in Washington, DC, in 2008 as the National Outreach Coordinator, helping to found 74 chapters in six countries during his four years in the position. Russ also produced the daily podcast for NORML and traveled the country speaking on the need for marijuana legalization.

In 2010, Russ was the campaign manager for the OCTA initiative to legalize marijuana. When it failed to make the ballot, Russ lent his skills in support of the Measure 74 effort to establish medical marijuana dispensaries, which lost in the election. That year was also the first of Russ’s famed “Marijuana Election Night” live broadcasts, when he reported from Oaksterdam for California’s ill-fated Prop 19 legalization initiative.

By 2012, Russ had converted the daily podcast to a live radio show, complete with call-ins and guests. He traveled extensively, including a trip to the Baker Institute, where he debated “the quarterback of the anti-legalization movement,” Kevin Sabet, in a video that is still among their highest-rated, and to Seattle to cover the passage of Washington’s I-502 legalization initiative.

After leaving NORML, Russ established his own media production company and began broadcasting his daily show, The Russ Belville Show, covering all the news and analysis of marijuana politics and science. He was also a large part of the 2014 campaign to legalize marijuana with Oregon’s Measure 91 by conducting investigative journalism into an “educational tour” featuring Kevin Sabet in thirteen Oregon cities leading up to the election.

Russ has since traveled over 300,000 air miles, visiting 70 cities in 24 states and three foreign countries, reporting on or presenting the latest news and information about cannabis.